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Our Lab is Easy!

You can mail in your physical impressions and models with an Rx form (download of Rx Form is provided below.) 
Our DOM team will contact you with any questions they may have on your case.
If you have any questions on how to get started, please contact us at 406.224.1963 or email us at
  1. Fill out the type of Rx form you want to submit.
  2. Package your case securely. For packing instructions please see our written instructions available in the download below.
  3. Ship your package! Once the box(s) is securely taped shut, attach your prepaid FedEx shipping label to top. When sending two or more cases at a time, please tape boxes together and use one shipping label. If not already a customer of FedEx, you can schedule a pickup by going to and scheduling online or simply calling 1.800.463.3330. Be sure to bill your case to us, the receiver.
  4. If you’re a new client, please call the office at 406.224.1963 and we will email you a FedEx shipping slip as well as send you supplies for future shipments.
  5. For an additional fee, rush services are available and must be scheduled by calling our office before the case is shipped to guarantee that rush service for your case will be available. Time of case pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time. Overnight delivery may not be available in certain rural areas.

Download Our Forms

RX Form

Download, fill-out and send us your RX form.

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Nightguard / OMO Orthotic Form

Download, fill-out and send us your Nightguard / OMO Orthotic form.

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Packing Your Case

Download, fill-out and send us your Packing Your Case form.

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